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References and Comments

Thank you to the following individuals and companies for offering reference comments on this website about The Farrington Consultancy, LLC. Your continuing support is greatly appeciated!

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Alan Edwards

DigiPoS have had the pleasure of working with Norm over the past few years while he was CIO of a general merchandise retailer, Gordmans. During his time there, Norm successfully initiated new modern IT strategies including a POS replacement project which dramatically reduced time and money spent on outdated and hard to manage store systems. Norm became not only a partner, but a friend, and we wish him much success in future endeavors.

Dave Welch

Norm met House of Brick Technologies ten years ago. Over the years we had the opportunity to get to know his IT organization fairly intimately. Norm was more than a CIO at Gordmans. He was instrumental in the restructuring of the company as ½ Price Stores emerged from bankruptcy. The organization went on to defy the odds and has expanded in both good and declining economies. Norm helped develop a scrappy, shrewd, amazingly data-centric organization for its size, with these “IT-uncharacteristic” attributes in particular: An amazing amount of tenure (loyalty) in the employees, with many exceeding twenty years; No full-time DBA ,even prior to the House of Brick association; An uncanny amount of IT hardware infrastructure assembled for pennies on the dollar; A substantial, yet appropriate amount of custom-designed add-on functionality into Gordmans third party retail and distribution system, and a mature home-grown ad-hoc business intelligence infrastructure, putting off the need for more formal, expensive business intelligence systems. I attribute all this to the leadership and vision of a CIO that understood business needs, systems detail, the appropriate balance of third party expert systems and in-house integration, and tied it all together to maximize ROI.

Joe Zozzaro

I have had the pleasure of working with Norm for the past several years while he served as CIO at Gordmans. Throughout my interactions with Norm, he was always focused on the needs of the company to ensure that the level of IT technology met or exceeded the needs of the business. His approach was one of planning for the future - ensuring that both the expected and unexpected needs of the business could be accommodated. It is this approach that enabled Norm to ensure that Gordmans did not experience processing issues or pay a financial premium in order to keep the IT organization vibrant and competitive. I always appreciated Norm's common sense approach to both business and technology. He was a great IT Executive to work with and support.

Deb Bass

Norm Farrington has been a client of mine for more then ten years and I have known him from his work at Iowa Western Community College for many years. I would like to commend him for his straightforward and honest business values and ethics and his professional manner of conducting business. He is knowledgeable in business and technology and his vast experience will be beneficial for those who seek his advisory consulting services.

Chris Ferrante

Agilysys had the pleasure of deploying an enterprise-wide wireless application, hardware and support structure while norm was CIO at Gordmans. The overall objective and result was to improve business operations, and the best possible shopping experience. Norm was a pleasure to work with and Agilysys continues to value our relationship with Gordmans and with Norm.

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